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  1. Knit striped Ski Caps
  2. Cap knit on four needles
  3. Crocheted Embroidered Bag
  4. Lacy Crochet Cap and Scarf set
  5. Crocheted Granny Square Motif Hats
  6. Knit Beret
  7. Crocheted Cap
  8. Knitted Turban
  9. Crochet Hat with Floopy Brim
  10. Striped Ski Caps
  11. Knitted Drop Stitch Cap and Scarf set
  12. Crocheted Travel Bag
  13. Chunky Crochet Hat
  14. Crochet Hats
  15. Crochet Cap with Peak
  16. Knitted Family Toques
  17. Crocheted Bonnet 19" to 20" head size
  18. Knitted Bag
  19. Tubular knit Ski Cap
  20. Crocheted Popcorn Hat
  21. Knit Cap with side flaps
  22. Knitted Toque


  • Original Used Patons 404. Hats, Scarves & Bags - Knitting and Crochet Pattern Book
  • NOTE! Book shows some wear along edges; Marked on front as shown - See Photo
  • Book size 6" x 9 1/2" approx
  • 24 Pages

Patons 404. Hats Scarves and Bags - Knitting & Crochet Patterns

    • NO returns on patterns or books as they can be photocopied
  • Free Shipping within Canada and to the United States only. Shipping includes Postage, Tax on Postage, Fuel Surcharge on large or heavier books and Envelope costs. This does not include any cross-border fees charged upon delivery, if any.

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