1. ineapple Tablecloth
  2. Birds Table Runner
  3. Large Doily
  4. Round Table Mat
  5. Squirrel and Friend
  6. Film Strip of Morning Glories Placemat and Coasters
  7. Bells and Tendrils
  8. Potholder, Spice Rack, Napkin Rack and Coasters
  9. Sea Stars
  10. Orbit Pattern
  11. Motif and Border
  12. Anchor
  13. Butterfly
  14. Rose Garden
  15. Star Motif
  16. Flowered Filet Mat
  17. Fish Tank
  18. Floral Curtain
  19. Cluster Doily
  20. Promise True Pattern
  21. Mother and Baby Rabbit
  22. Rose Quartet
  23. Floral Cushion Cover
  24. Pineapple Trilogies
  25. Filmstrip of Star Flower
  26. Flower Pillowtop
  27. Round Two Color Doily
  28. Roses Cushion Top
  29. Cabbage Patch Kid
  30. Lampshade
  31. Period Curtain
  32. Flower Pot Cover and Napkin Envelope
  33. Nightgown Dress
  34. Tank Top
  35. Shell or Vest Top
  36. Cluster Stitch Cardigan
  37. Summer U-Neck Top


  • Original Used Magic Croochet Pattern Book
  • NOTE! Patterns are made using Pictorial Diagrams
  • Not all patterns are shown
  • 84 pages



Magic Crochet 71. Crocheted Cushion Curtains Home Decor Patterns

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